Training Program at our Training Facility

In our training facility, we have more than enough room to teach you how to work with the FreeFalcon – Mobile Fall Protection Anchor. We see ourselves in the field of formwork construction as experts in fall protection. With over 30 years of experience and a product designed to meets the needs of our users, we offer three different types of training packages, so you can ensure that not only will you be well informed about the product but we also guarantee to teach your representative the correct handling of the FreeFalcon fall protection system.

Training on site

Upon delivery as part of our delivery service, our trained specialists are available to offer an on- site briefing and inform you of the important details.

Training on call

If you have a team that has no knowledge or experience in dealing with the FreeFalcon – Mobile Fall Protection Anchor and our detailed documentation or online tutorials are not sufficient, our experts will gladly assist you with advice and practical help.