FreeFalcon Fall Protection System – The professional fall protection

“The FreeFalcon Fall Protection System – mobile anchor mast V21-2 offers security against pitfalls on finished parts.”

FreeFalcon Fall Protection System V21-1

Thanks to the physical power of leverage and the latest safety technology, allows us to provide you with optimal protection when working at height. With a total weight of just 495 kg, this makes it the best mobile fall protection at work. Intuitive handling allows users to work quickly and safely. An overhead anchorage and a ball-bearing housing ensures the optimum operating radius at work. The FreeFalcon Fall Protection System is the first solution that combines mobility and highest security in this field worldwide. As a professional in the construction industry, we know what’s important. We are always looking for the most effective solution. When it comes to fall arresters, we finally found them: the Free Falcon – mobile anchor mast V21-2.

FreeFalcon Fall Protection System

The security module

The security module is the crucial core element of the mobile anchor mast. For protection against corrosion, the inner area is hermetically sealed with hydraulic oil. After the permissible payload has been exceeded, the system is activated. In this case, the oil is discharged evenly through the hydraulic ram. Only through this technical achievement is it possible for us to guarantee you complete flexibility at work. Due to the above the FreeFalocn Fall Protection System reduces risk because due to the mechanics of the system we do not need safety ropes on the ground.

Our products are produced exclusively in Germany. This guarantees quality assurance “Made in Germany”. The intuitive handling of our product is almost self-explanatory. We use the best materials and the most modern processing methods. Only this guarantees us a product that defies every application.

FreeFalcon Fall Protection System

Your benefits at a glance:

  • mobile fall protection
  • unrestricted freedom of movement
  • intuitive handling
  • up to 10 m working radius
  • Dead weight: only 495 kg
  • compatible with PSA systems
  • sustainable quality “Made in Germany”

FreeFalcon Fall Protection System

Mobile anchor mast V21-2 on precast concrete

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With over 8 million square meters in formwork, we bring the best experience for your project. We have developed the FreeFalcon mobile anchor mast to keep you safe while working at height. We only wanted to continue working under the best of conditions.


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Quality and innovative spirit are our top priority – The FreeFalcon mobile anchor mast is developed in southern Germany and manufactured using the latest laser technology. We are happy to show you on how FreeFalcon is constructed on our training facilities.